Sudo Bug patch

Sudo Bug CVE-2019-14287 gets patched

Bug in the rug… but not anymore. By Charles Levere, on October 16, 2019. The Sudo bug designated CVE-2019-14287 in the Common Vulnerabilities and exposures Data Base has been patched by developers. The bug allowed users to bypass privilege restrictions to execute commands as root. The bug was discovered by Apple security researcher Joe Vennix […]

Elite Dangerous on Linux

Elite Dangerous working on Linux

Fly the dangerous black from the safety of your Linux machine. By Charles Levere, on August 29, 2019. Finally a way to get Elite Dangerous working on Linux I recently got one of my favorite games working on Pop!_os and that game is Elite Dangerous! For clarity I did not invent the wheel here, I […]

Linux gaming on Pop!_OS

Linux Gaming on Pop!_OS

Gaming on Linux is as tasty as snap crackle pop, On Pop!_OS. By Charles Levere, on May 14, 2019. Gaming on Linux is getting easier and better. Today we look at Linux Gaming on Pop!_OS. Valve is a big part of why Linux gaming is better than ever. Valves efforts to make gaming better on […]


Taking a look at Pop!_OS

Ever spend hours installing and setting up Windows? Or try to keep your system fast and clean of bloatware, only to find Candy Crush back on your system after deleting it multiple times? I have been using Pop!_OS from System76 since the release of 19.04, about 3 weeks at the time of writing this and […]