AMD Announces Ryzen 3000 Pro Processors

Earlier today AMD quietly launched its Pro Line of processors. The lineup is intended for business desktops . AMD claims the new Pro line will deliver 2x the performance of its competitor and provide 127% more data crunching horse power vs its competitor. The AMD Ryzen PRO processor contains a built-in security co-processor that runs […]

NVIDIA's Broadcast Engine

RTX Tensor Cores To Power NVIDIA’s New Broadcast Engine

NVIDIA is re-purposing their Tensor cores by creating its new RTX Broadcast Engine. The new SDKs will enable virtual green-screen style filters and augmented reality effects, Allowing for the kind of techniques used by major broadcast networks, all using AI and without the need for special equipment. This new engine powered by NVIDIA’s RTX Tensor […]

Frontera Super Computer powered by Intel

Intel Scalable Xeon Processors powering World’s Fastest Academic Supercomputer

Today in Intel news, the 5th largest supercomputer Frontera was unveiled featuring Intel® Xeon® scalable processors and Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory. The National Science Foundation (NSF) — which funded the system with a $60 million award — UT Austin, and technology partners Dell Technologies, Intel, Mellanox Technologies, DataDirect Networks, NVIDIA, IBM, CoolIT and Green […]

Radeon 5700 Series Release

AMD Reveals Radeon RX 5000 Series at E3

AMD revealed their new line of GPU’s during Dr. Lisa Su’s keynote speech at E3. The new lineup promises to give gamers the ultimate 1440p experience.  “We’ve made significant technology bets to push the envelope on high-performance computing and give gamers the hardware they need to power the experiences they want,” said Dr. Su. “Our […]

Samsung Foundry

Samsung to Fab Nvidia 7nm Ampere Video Cards

DigiTimes reported earlier today that Nvidia’s Ampere GPUs slated for a 2020 launch will be manufactured using Samsung’s 7nm EUV process. Nvidia has mostly used TSMC in the past recent years for its foundry needs. It has been reported however that Samsung aggressively undercut TSMC this time around. Nvidia using Samsung’s foundry isn’t a first […]