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EA Partners With Valve Bringing EA Games To Steam

EA Partners with Valve. Earlier today Electronic...

Atlas Admin Commands for Single Player and Private Server

This list of Atlas admin commands...

Elite Dangerous working on Linux

Finally a way to get Elite Dangerous working...

Google Stadia Connect: Games, Pricing and More

Google Stadia Connect, games, pricing and more news...

E3 2019: AMD’s Keynote and Games for Days

E3 2019: AMD's keynote and games for days, is your body ready?

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Google to replace Play Music with YouTube Music by the end of 2020

What's the skinny? Google gives us more details on how and when Play Music will be replaced with YouTube Music.

SpaceX has submitted a request with the FCC to up its initial client user base from 1 million to 5 million

What's the skinny? SpaceX says due to overwhelming demand for its Starlink services, they have put in a request with the FCC...

Amazon’s low orbit satellite internet code named Project Kuiper gets FCC approval

What's the skinny? In a blog post Amazon announced that their low earth orbit (LEO) satellite constellation that will be used to...

Despite the current climate, AMD reports 26% growth in second-quarter earnings call

What's the skinny? AMD recently announced revenue of $1.93 billion, for their second quarter of 2020 despite the current COVID-19 climate.