Path of Exile Running on Linux

Path of Exile Runs Great On Linux

I have played around 20+ hours of Path of Exile on Linux (Pop!_OS) with zero crashes or compromises. It plays about as good as one could hope for with all the eye candy cranked up on my Ryzen 2600x and GTX 1060 6Gb setup. When you start the game for the first time Steam will […]

Electronic Arts Partners With Valve (Steam)

EA Partners With Valve Bringing EA Games To Steam

EA Partners with Valve. Earlier today Electronic Arts and Valve announced a partnership that in time could be a game changer. This new partnership will bring EA Games and the EA Games subscription service to Steam. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will be the first EA game available on Steam as a result of this new […]

Pop!_OS Update 19.10 Is Available Now

This morning I turned my PC on to start my day with a cup of coffee in hand to find a notification from my OS (Pop!_OS). The notification was of course for the update to version 19.10. The update info stated that I could keep all file and applications and do an upgrade. As a […]

Sudo Bug patch

Sudo Bug CVE-2019-14287 gets patched

The Sudo bug designated CVE-2019-14287 in the Common Vulnerabilities and exposures Data Base has been patched by developers. The bug allowed users to bypass privilege restrictions to execute commands as root. The bug was discovered by Apple security researcher Joe Vennix who discovered and analyzed the bug. How The Sudo Bug Works The Sudo bug […]

AMD Announces Ryzen 3000 Pro Processors

Earlier today AMD quietly launched its Pro Line of processors. The lineup is intended for business desktops . AMD claims the new Pro line will deliver 2x the performance of its competitor and provide 127% more data crunching horse power vs its competitor. The AMD Ryzen PRO processor contains a built-in security co-processor that runs […]