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GNOME launches new website ‘Apps for GNOME’ to help you discover the best applications in its ecosystem

Curated applications, built with the GNOME philosophy in mind.

The Apps for GNOME website is now live. The new site aims to bring awareness to all the great applications found within the GNOME ecosystem. The site developers want to lower barriers and make it easier to contribute to the warm, welcoming GNOME community.

In a blog post written by Sophie Herold on the GNOME blog, the new site seeks to emphasize four key areas. The first is a focus on participation. They want to get users more involved, either by providing feedback, translation, or monetary donations.

The second key aspect of the new website is Internationalization. The Apps for GNOME site is another small step in lowering the barrier for entry into, contributing to, and using GNOME applications.

The third key area is to provide the latest up-to-date information, and finally, they hope to provide a better web presence for apps that don’t fit on flathub.

The Apps for GNOME website looks great IMO and is well organized, with three key areas. The first being Core Apps, which features applications usually found on GNOME installations. These are applications such as Calendar, Contacts, Disk Usage Analyzer, and the GNOME Calculator.

The Second portion of the new GNOME website is titled Circle Apps. This section seeks to highlight great additional software found on the GNOME platform. It features some great applications I use, like Deja Dup Backups, Password Safe, Apostrophe, and many more.

The last section of the Apps for GNOME website features GNOME Development Apps. Here you’ll find GNOME-developed applications that help make it easier to develop and design new applications or contribute to existing ones.

If you haven’t taken a look at the new Apps for GNOME website, you should go check it out. There’s a well-curated selection of GNOME applications that will integrate nicely with the GNOME environment.

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