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Intel gives us some more details of their upcoming discrete graphics cards and up-scaling tech XeSS

More details now with half the calories.

It’s Architecture day over at Intel, featuring a large portion of word salad and a tiny undercooked piece of meat. We did get another small sample of Intel’s ARC architecture and their new supersampling tech, XeSS.

Intel has unified its graphics drivers into one code base for their integrated and discrete graphics cards. They revamped the core driver, reworking the memory management and compiler, which Lisa Pearce, head of graphics software says, improved performance by over 18%. She went on to say that at launch, Intel will support hardware-based ray tracing, mesh shading, and sampler feedback.

(Photo Credit: Intel)

Intel’s Xe Super Sampling API, using deep learning to synthesize images, promises high performance and stunning quality. Intel is taking the AMD approach with their up-scaling tech in that it will work on their competitors’ graphics cards as well. What a great time we are living in, all this amazing new technology moving the industry forward at a rapid pace. Now, if only we could purchase the hardware to go with it.

(Photo Credit: Intel)

This XeSS demo in 4K shows high-quality super sampling in action on Xe HPG. XeSS uses deep learning to synthesize images that are very close to the quality of native high-res rendering. This reconstruction is performed by a neural network trained to deliver high performance and great quality. The contents and game levels shown in this demo were created by Rens.  Rens is a 3D artist, environment artist and technical art director. He is known for his outstanding photogrammetry techniques and high-end rendering skills, and has worked with top game development studios like DICE, Epic Games and Sony.


I grew up on a farm that included roughly 90 acres of bush with many birch trees. That first image at the start of the demo video was impressive; those birch trees looked incredibly realistic.

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