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Fishkeeper, an up and coming Aquarium sim by Blinkclick Games

Blinkclick Games is looking for your support on Kickstarter to bring to life Fishkeeper, an aquarium, economic strategy simulator. Blinkclick Games is a Polish Indie dev team with experience in companies like Artifex Mundi7LEVELS, and Reality Games. They are looking to continue as an independent and decide on Fishkeeper’s fate together with the game’s community.

In Fishkeeper, become a professional aquarist and immerse yourself in the fish world you create. Custom build your aquarium, stock it with your favorite sea creatures, breed, care for, and sell off some of your stock to make money for upgrades, to give your fish a better home.

Show creativity by adding plants and decorating your aquarium. Take care of your fish, and they will repay you with their beautiful appearance that you can admire up close using your hand-made bathyscaphe!


  • Combining an economic strategy with a simulator: meet the needs of fish and observe their lives in real time, while ensuring good breeding results;
  • A wide variety of freshwater, marine, coral, shrimp, snails and other aquatic species are available;
  • Customize the aquarium equipment, shape, size and appearance of tanks;
  • Buy animal and plant species, sell bred fish in the store and, exceptionally, fine and rare specimens at an auction;
  • Watch the views from the bathyscaphe cabin as you control it inside the aquarium; you can also use it to clean the tank from the inside;
  • Decorate your aquarium with lots of decorations, corals, posters etc.

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