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AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver Release Notes (

AMD released an updated chipset driver ( that comes with a few fixes. If you had issues installing the previous chipset driver, this one should install without issue, at least it did in my case. I was unable to install the previous driver without much hassle and struggle.

Release Highlights

  • Few drivers updated.

Fixed Issues

  • Installer may fail to launch if executed from a folder name with non-Latin character.
  • Installer may not downgrade to older version.
  • Installer may fail to install on Windows® 10 with Russian language pack installed.
  • Installer may fail to uninstall from Apps and features with Singapore Chinese language pack installed.

Known Issues

  • Manual system restart required on Non-English OS after installation is completed.
  • Windows Installer pop-up message may appear during install.
  • Uninstallation log may not be generated in silent mode.

Chipset Support

 Windows 10
AMD X570Yes
AMD B550Yes
AMD X399Yes
AMD X470Yes
AMD B450Yes
AMD X370Yes
AMD B350Yes
AMD A320Yes

Processor Support

 Windows 10
1st/2nd/3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ ProcessorsYes
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsYes
AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors with Radeon™ GraphicsYes
AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ GraphicsYes
1st/2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsYes
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsYes
7th Gen AMD A-Series ProcessorYes

Package Contents

The AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver installation package contains various independent drivers designed to support the following Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Operating System support may vary depending on your specific AMD product

Driver NamePrevious VersionNew VersionChange Details
AMD Ryzen Power Plan6. program support added
AMD PCI Device Driver1.0.0.801.0.0.81Bug fixes
AMD I2C Driver1.2.0.1021.2.0.111Clock frequency tuning
AMD UART Driver1.2.0.112No Change 
AMD GPIO2 Driver2.2.0.130No Change 
PT GPIO Driver2.0.1.0No Change 
AMD PSP Driver4.13.0.0No Change 
AMD IOV Driver1.2.0.49No Change 
AMD SMBUS Driver5.12.0.38No Change 
AMD AS4 ACPI Driver1.2.0.46No Change 
AMD SFH I2C Driver1.0.0.86No Change 
AMD USB Filter Driver2.1.11.304No Change 
AMD SFH Driver1.0.0.3081.0.0.312Bug fixes
AMD CIR Driver3.2.4.135No Change 
AMD MicroPEP Driver1. program support added

Installing AMD Ryzen Chipset Drivers

For detailed instructions on how to correctly install AMD Ryzen Chipset drivers, please refer to the following article:

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