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Zen 3 launch event, Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s coming November 5, 2020

Zen 3 features a new layout and big IPC gains.

What’s the skinny? AMD’s launch event hosted by Dr. Lisa Su gave us the scoop on the latest Zen architecture, IPC gains, and what we can expect from their new Ryzen 5000 series CPU’s. She also let us know that the new lineup that includes a 5600X, 5800X, 5900X, and a 5950X will be available on November 5, 2020.

Most of you who watched the event likely noticed that there was one processor not mentioned during Lisa Su’s speech, and that is the 5700X. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to have two processors so similar sharing the same space, like last years 3700X and 3800X, as most people opted for the similar performing but cheaper 3700X.

Zen 3 5000 series performance

AMD is claiming a 19% IPC improvement over the previous generation which is above average and according to their benchmarks gives them the lead over their competitor’s offerings. Of course, we will have to wait and see if independent reviewer benchmarks show similar results but if it holds true AMD will overtake Intel for the first time in a very long time.

Zen 3 Performance
Photo Credit: AMD

AMD also says they have significantly lowered latency over their previous generation, which will help gaming performance. They did this by allowing direct access to the L3 cache and by designing a new processor layout, which brings all eight cores onto a unified eight-core complex, which should improve core-to-core communication.

Zen 3 Processor Layout
Photo Credit: AMD

Core clocks also get a bump this generation, and when you add up all the architecture improvements this generation, AMD is claiming an overall performance uplift of 26%.

Zen 3 Gaming Performance
Photo Credit: AMD

Zen 3 product stack

Zen 3 product stack
Photo Credit: AMD

The Zen 3 product stack includes a 5900X, which is a 12-Core 24-Thread CPU with a maximum boost clock of 4.8GHz with a 70MB Cache and a 105W TDP. Then there is the 5800X, which is an 8-Core 16-Thread CPU with a max boost clock of 4.7GHz, 36MB cache, and a 105WTDP. The stack also includes the 5600X, which is a 6-Core 12-Thread CPU with a max boost clock of 4.6GHz, 35MB cache, and a 65W TDP.

Dr. Lisa Su wasn’t finished there, she saved the ‘big boy’ for the end. The 3950X, which is a 16-Core 32-Thread monster with a max boost clock of 4.9GHz, a 72MB cache, and a 105W TDP.

AMD Ryzen 5950X
Photo Credit: AMD

AMD Zen 3 Pricing and availability

Photo Credit: AMD

The Zen 3 lineup will be available on November 5, 2020.

AMD Ryzen™ 9 5950X16C/32T105WUp to 4.9 / 3.472MBN/A$799November 5, 2020
AMD Ryzen™ 9 5900X12C/24T105WUp to 4.8 / 3.770MBN/A$549November 5, 2020
AMD Ryzen™ 7 5800X8C/16T105WUp to 4.7 / 3.836MBN/A$449November 5, 2020
AMD Ryzen™ 5 5600X6C/12T65WUp to 4.6 / 3.735MBWraith Stealth$299November 5, 2020
AMD Ryzen 5950X pricing and availability
Photo Credit: AMD
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