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This years Amazon Prime Day will be October 13-14

Time to renew your Prime membership.

What’s the skinny? Amazon has confirmed rumors that this year’s Amazon Prime Day will be October 13, 2020-October 14, 2020.

During the pandemic, Amazon has enjoyed a massive increase in online sales, forcing them to hire staff by the thousands. Amazon initially pushed back the date of its annual event, but now appear to be confident they can handle a large influx in sales.

To cash in on the big savings, you first have to be an Amazon Prime member. The membership fee is $7.99 a month or $79.00 a year, and Amazon knows that by announcing their Prime day event, they will see a huge increase in Prime memberships as everyone signs up to participate.

Amazon, in light of the pandemic, is offering a 10 dollar credit if you spend at least 10 dollars at a select small business on Amazon. You can redeem the 10 dollar credit during the Prime day sale. The offer is valid from now until October 12, the day before the Prime Sale.

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