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BioWare gives us a behind the scenes peak of the next Dragon Age

They call me the Dread Wolf. What will they call YOU when this is over?

What’s the skinny? Gamescom kicked off their annual event today and despite the current situation with the pandemic, the event is expected to be a huge success. There were plenty of announcements and reveals on day one, including a behind the scenes peak at the next Dragon Age, from BioWare.

The game was originally announced almost two years ago but is still a work in progress with no title as of yet. There is also no release window for this, the next installment in the Dragon Age saga. I would be willing to wager however that it’s going to be worth the wait. I am looking forward to seeing more footage of the world the BioWare team are working on.

The team didn’t really give up that much in the way of details but they did bring up the question of ‘what would it be like if we didn’t have powers’? The images they did show looked really great and the dev team seemed really pumped over what they’re creating, which makes me happy. I can’t wait to explore the new world they’ll have toiled over for so long.

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