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Day 26 of NVIDIA’s month long build up to the release of Ampere

The hype train is 'amping' up.

What’s the skinny? If you follow NVIDIA on Twitter, you will know that they have been working tirelessly to try and pump us all up for the release of their upcoming Ampere release. NVIDIA isn’t satisfied with just the odd ‘leak’ or hype tweet. NVIDIA carved out an entire month for their hype train.

Day 26 of this hype train gives us a teaser video that seems to be preparing us for the fact that these new video cards are going to require more cooling than previous generations. The video doesn’t reveal that much, but it does give us a glimpse at how they redesigned the cooling solution and has made me curious to see the full behind the curtain version at the first of the month. So partial points go to NVIDIA, I guess, as their hype train in a small way has worked on me.

Although I doubt I will be buying one of their cards this time around. I am curious to see the new design in action. I feel like companies used to understand that their customers didn’t buy a new card or chip every cycle. They understood that if you purchased a product from them, be it a processor or a GPU that you were not going to be a customer again for a couple of generations.

Now, however, all the marketing and hype from social media to YouTube ‘reviewers’ seems to be to get everyone to upgrade every cycle. Let’s face it, YouTube reviewers are paid infomercials, brought to you by people you choose to watch. It’s a marketing genius if you think about it, an infomercial that you not only choose to watch but enjoy watching.

NVIDIA teaser video

The wait is nearly over, and NVIDIA’s new 3000 series GPU’s will hopefully drive the industry forward. NVIDIA pushing the industry forward will Allow for better games in the future as well as higher resolution without completely sacrificing frame rates. These cards may be able to take advantage of PCIe 4.0 and finally allow for high refresh rate 4k gaming.

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