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EA Play is coming to Steam on August 31st

The $4.99 Subscription gets a new audience.

What’s the skinny? Back in October of last year EA announced that they would be partnering with Valve, bringing EA to Steam. We are now seeing more of that partnership come to fruition as EA’s, EA Play (formally EA Access) is coming to Steam on August 31st.

EA recently (August 18th) renamed their subscription services, EA Access and Origin Access Basic to EA Play and EA Play Pro. The renaming and rebranding is much cleaner and more on point now but the transition hasn’t been all that smooth as some of the games in my access library are still marked as no longer available with Access. They are still playable however, you just have to ignore the big warning signs.

EA Play is what’s coming to Steam on August 31st, which is the $4.99 monthly subscription. If you are an EA Pro subscriber ($14.99 monthly) that is for now at least from what I can gather, only available on Origin.

More on EA’s rebranding

“We’ve got some big news, starting today EA’s two game membership services – EA Access and Origin Access – are now EA Play*, and Origin Access Premier is EA Play Pro. Both memberships still include all the great benefits they always have plus even more in the coming months, starting with exclusive in-game challenges and monthly reward drops for members on select titles.”

EA Play makes your games more rewarding with:

  • Access to exclusive player benefits and a library of top titles including fan-favorite series and premium games.
  • The chance to try out selected new-release games before launch for up to 10 hours of playtime. If you decide to buy the game, all of your saved progress carries over, so you can pick up right where you left off.
  • Savings on EA digital purchases with a 10% member discount – letting you save on full games, Season Passes, points packs, and DLC.

What does EA Play on Steam mean for users

So what does this move mean for us users of EA Play? Well convenience I guess, with the bonus of having to have less launchers open. For people like myself who would rather use Linux than Windows 10, it will likely mean having an easier time getting EA games to work on Linux. All we need now is for Anti-cheat software to be compatible with Linux and my dream of playing Battlefield without having to dual boot would be complete.

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