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Walmart is partnering with Tribeca to bring drive-in theaters to 160 store parking lots

You scream, I scream, out door movie screenings at Walmart?

What’s the skinny? With everyone understandably weary of going into movie theaters with the pandemic still ongoing, Walmart has partnered with Tribeca. The same Tribeca known for their film festival, to bring drive-in movie theaters to 160 Walmart store parking lots.

Little more is known currently regarding Walmart’s upcoming drive-in movie theater endeavor. A quick look at their drive-in theater website basically says “coming soon” with the suggestion that the movies will be whole family friendly. The website doesn’t yet have a list of movies they will be screening but that should change soon.

Walmart’s tweet makes it clear that moviegoers can expect the full movie experience, that includes popcorn and soft drinks via car-side service but if you want sticky arm rests you need to provide that yourself.

The Walmart screenings will be kicking off in August and lasting through to October, so with it only being a month out, I am sure we will know more details soon.

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