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Intel Introduces its latest RealSense depth camera with twice the range over previous model generations

Our robot overlords can now find us twice as fast with twice the accuracy.

What’s the skinny? Earlier today Intel announced its new stereo-based depth camera, the D455, that features longer range and increased precision over previous model generations.

“The Intel RealSense family of products now offers developers more choices. The D455 expands the capabilities of our stereo camera line allowing us to address a wider range of applications with longer range use cases and allowing users to design solutions that best meet their needs.”
–Sagi BenMoshe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of the Intel RealSense Group

Intel’s Realsense depth cameras have had great impact on the field of robotics. They allow developers to give their robots the sense to see, understand, interact with and learn from their environments. The new D455 model will give developers a clear upgrade path as the new model uses the same code base as previous generations.

Photo Credit: Intel

The D455’s optimal range is 6 meters making it twice as accurate as the current D400 model and it does so without sacrificing field of view. The new model also comes equipped with global shutters for the depth and RGB sensors that improve correspondence between the two data streams. Additionally this camera also integrates an IMU that allows for refinement of its depth awareness in any given situation where the camera moves.

When You Can Get It: The Intel RealSense Depth Camera D455 is priced at $239 and available for pre-order today. For more details and to order your camera, visit intelrealsense.com.

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