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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos agrees to testify to house committee in antitrust probe

To fleece or not to fleece... Most likely fleece.

What’s the skinny? According to a recent article from Politco, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has agreed to testify to the house committee in an antitrust probe. A lawyer representing Amazon said that they are “committed to cooperating with your inquiry,” including “making Jeff Bezos available to testify at a hearing”.

The committee is investigating whether or not Amazon is guilty of using the data from its third party sellers to make informed decisions, decisions that include making their own brand of popular third-party products. Is that not Amazon Basics in a nut shell? Amazon making their own brand of popular products.

Back in May Judiciary leaders threatened to subpoena Bezos testimony regarding the treatment of their third-party vendors. Marking a significant escalation in the panel’s antitrust investigation.

Amazon is not alone as most of the tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Apple have all been called out for using their sheer size and might to stomp out competitors. This current case against CEO Jeff Bezos has been going on for a year now but it seems that the committee is starting to hone in on its target. Maybe now the wheels of justice will begin picking up speed.

Governments around the world have seen the benefit of fleecing these massive corporations with their deep pockets. Most of which mainly benefiting the entity doing the fleecing with very little benefit going to those they are claiming to protect, that being us the general public.

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