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Lenovo to bring Linux certification to their entire line of ThinkPads and ThinkStations

Linux users are starting to be upgraded to first class citizens.

Great news for those looking to upgrade their workstation or work laptop. I feel like more and more companies like Lenovo are seeing what we have known for a long time and that is that Linux is the future. I guess in a way that future has been here for a long time as Linux powers almost everything except for desktops and laptops.

Lenovo in their press release Tuesday June 2, stated that they will be bringing Linux certification to their Entire line of ThinkPad and ThinkStation work station portfolio.

Now, I’m excited to share Lenovo is moving to certify the full workstation portfolio for top Linux distributions from Ubuntu® and Red Hat® – every model, every configuration.

–Rob Herman, General Manager, Executive Director Workstation & Client AI Group

Lenovo stated in their press release that the demand is high for an out of the box Linux experience. No more will we be treated as second class citizens with things like finger print readers not being supported, compatibility issues or restricted performance. Lenovo also stated that they plan to upstream all their device drivers to the Linux kernel.

To ensure an effortless Linux experience, Lenovo workstations will work intuitively with the host Linux OS and offer full end-to-end support – from security patches and updates to better secure and verify hardware drivers, firmware and bios optimizations. What’s more, Lenovo will also upstream device drivers directly to the Linux kernel, to help maintain stability and compatibility throughout the life of the workstation.

Lenovo plans to deliver an out of the box Linux experience with your choice of Red Hat or Ubuntu LTS. Not only that but they will also have full web support, dedicated forums, configuration guidance and more.

I can really feel a shift happening over the last year or two. So many good things are starting to happen in the Linux world. As more and more people are seeing the value in Linux we are inching that much closer to a tipping point.

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