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AMD Ryzen Chipset Driver Release Notes

As promised by AMD_Robert, over on reddit last week, a new chipset driver lands today that promises to fix the driver install issue.

Earlier today AMD finally put out a chipset driver that resolves a bug that has plagued the last two releases of their chipset drivers. Earlier last week AMD_Robert posted a message on the AMD reddit page stating that this patch was on the way. Which was a welcomed message and a trend I hope continues long after their recent driver issues.

Release Highlights

  • Removed deprecated device IDs from the IOV driver
  • Removed deprecated device IDs from the USB 3.0 driver
  • General system stability improvements

Fixed Issues

  • Installer may hang during installation progress
  • Installer may abort with “Error 1720” code
  • Installation will not install on a non C:\ location
  • Resolved screen rotation bug with select AMD mobile processors
  • Rare system halt on 7th Gen AMD A-Series APUs

Known Issues

  • Windows Installer pop up message may appear during install
  • Moving installer window during install process may cause installer window to flicker/move around the screen
  • Cannot open installation log file after completion
  • Installer may not update a sub-package to the latest version
    • Workaround: Manually uninstall any prior sub-package, reboot, then re-install the full Chipset package

Chipset Support

 Windows 7Windows 10
AMD X570NoYes
AMD X399NoYes
AMD X470YesYes
AMD B450YesYes
AMD X370YesYes
AMD B350YesYes
AMD A320YesYes

Processor Support

 Windows 7Windows 10
1st/2nd/3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ ProcessorsNoYes
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsNoYes
AMD Ryzen™ Desktop Processors with Radeon™ GraphicsNoYes
AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors with Radeon™ GraphicsNoYes
1st/2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsYesYes
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Desktop ProcessorsYesYes
7th Gen AMD A-Series ProcessorYesYes

Package Contents

The AMD Ryzen™ Chipset Driver installation package contains various independent drivers designed to support the following Microsoft® Windows® platforms. Operating System support may vary depending on your specific AMD product

Driver NameWindows 7Windows 10
AMD Ryzen Power PlanNo5.0.0.0
AMD PCI Device Driver1.0.0.671.0.0.76
AMD I2C DriverNo1.2.0.99
AMD UART DriverNo1.2.0.106
AMD GPIO2 DriverNo2.2.0.126
PT GPIO DriverNo2.0.1.0
AMD PSP Driver4.
AMD IOV Driver1.2.0.431.2.0.47
AMD SMBUS Driver5.12.0.385.12.0.38
AMD AS4 ACPI DriverNo1.2.0.46
AMD SFH I2C DriverNo1.0.0.86
AMD USB Filter Driver2.0.10.2872.1.11.304
AMD SFH DriverNo1.0.0.300
AMD CIR Driver3.2.4.1103.2.4.135
AMD MicroPEP DriverNo1.0.25.0
AMD USB 3.0 Driver for ZP2.0.0.60No
PT USB 3.1 Driver1.0.5.3No
AMD USB Driver for Hudson1.1.0.276No
AMD SATA Driver1.2.1.402No
AMD USB 3.1 Driver1.0.0.12No

Installation of Software

Note: Close all opened applications before attempting the install process.

  • Unzip and extract the deliverable folder ‘AMD_Software_<Version>.zip’ containing:
    • Release Notes
    • Installation Executable
  • Double click and invoke the installation executable named ‘AMD_Chipset_Software.exe’.
  • Provide administrative privilege explicitly if prompted for, by clicking ‘YES’ in the UAC prompt.
  • By default, the executable extracts files under “C:\AMD\Chipset_Driver_Installer \AMD_Chipset_Drivers” and “C:\AMD\Chipset_Driver_Installer \ChipsetDriversExtract” to continue with installation.
  • Any driver specific file changes can be made under ” C:\AMD\Chipset_Driver_Installer \AMD_Chipset_Drivers\IODriver \<DriverName>”
  • Re-run the executable and continue with above mentioned steps to select any more drivers to de deployed on the system.

Uninstallation of Software:

  • Once installation completes successfully, uninstallation can be done by clicking ‘Uninstall’ after selecting on ‘AMD Chipset Drivers’ entry in control panel which removes all uninstall-able drivers deployed via ‘AMD_Chipset_Software.exe’ from the system.

Note: To give better user experience, AMD UART, AMD GPIO & AMD I2C Drivers were made as non-uninstall-able drivers from ‘AMD Chipset Drivers’ entry in control panel, even if deployed on the system

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