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A task force of NVIDIA computer scientists have joined the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium

30 supercomputers with over 400 petaflops of compute performance VS the Coronavirus.

On Monday NVIDIA announced that an NVIDIA task force of computer scientists has joined the COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium, which brings together government, industry and academia to accelerate research using the world’s most powerful HPC resources. the objective of this consortium is to speed up development of effective methods to detect, contain and treat COVID-19. The researchers will have an unbelievable amount of processing power at their disposal by having access to 30 supercomputers with over 400 petaflops of compute performance.

The NVIDIA task force has a wide array of expertise including AI, super-computing, drug discovery, molecular dynamics, genomics, medical imaging and data analytics. The team of computer scientists is led by Ian Buck, vice president and general manager of Accelerated Computing.

“The COVID-19 HPC Consortium is the Apollo Program of our time,” Buck said. “Not a race to the moon, this is a race for humanity. The rocket ships are GPU supercomputers, and their fuel is scientific knowledge. NVIDIA is going to help by making these rockets travel as fast as they can.”

–Ian Buck: NVIDIA task force-COVID-19-April 6, 2020

The NVIDIA task force will help the consortium by:

  • Applying AI: NVIDIA brings expertise in AI to help the consortium’s scientific teams ingest and process more data, faster to deliver better insights in less time.
  • Accelerating science: NVIDIA brings more than a decade of expertise in molecular biology, medical imaging, genomics, and computational fluid dynamics and visualization.
  • Optimizing computing at scale: NVIDIA brings expertise in optimizing throughput of supercomputers. Optimizing performance is as important as adding more computing resources — a 20 percent optimization, for example, on a 330 petaflops system is equal to 60 petaflops, equivalent to the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world.

NVIDIA will also contribute the packaging of software for relevant AI and life-sciences software applications through NVIDIA NGC, a hub for GPU-accelerated software.

NVIDIA will also contribute via its NGC which is its hub for GPU-accelerated software. The COVID-19 research tools are publicly available on the NGC hub.

The consortium with its over 402 petaflops, 105,334 nodes, 3,539,044 CPU cores, 41,286 GPUs, and counting, is well backed with supporters such as IBM, Amazon Web Services, AMD, Google Cloud, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Microsoft and now NVIDIA. Anyone involved in research related to COVID-19 can submit a request to access the Consortium resources through their online portal.

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