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What Are People Playing During Their Self Isolation

Steam hits concurrent player numbers usually reserved for the Christmas holidays.

What’s everyone’s go to when your looking to kill some time? If you look at Steam it would suggest not much has changed in quite some time. Counter-Strike and Dota 2 still top the charts along with other titles such as PlayerUnkown Battlegrounds and Grand Theft Auto 5.

I myself usually jump into a match or two of Battlefield 5 or lately some Borderlands 3 and Final Fantasy 14. I may finally get a character to max level. My Final Fantasy Character is currently only level 55.

Steam is hitting numbers it usually has reserved for the Christmas holidays. Twenty two million concurrent players is a massive number, one that will possibly increase over the coming weeks as more people are forced to stay home.

Concurrent Steam Users

Concurrent Steam Users chart

Top 10 Games Currently Being Played on Steam

As you can see below, the top ten games being played on Steam hasn’t really changed much. To me that says that even though the gaming industry has exploded over the last number of years the new games coming out just aren’t compelling enough to de-throne the long standing top games. That’s my take on it anyways. Over the Christmas holidays I spent an embarrassing amount of time scrolling through various lists of games. I was looking for something to buy my son and I to play during the holidays. I never did find something that peaked my interest enough to buy.

I am not sure if that is because my son and I are getting older and our tastes have changed or maybe expectations are higher. Way back when I first got into PC gaming the graphics were terrible in comparison to today’s triple A games yet I spent countless hours with my friends banging away at the keyboard having the time of my life starring at a 19 inch CRT monitor with pixels so big you could count them by hand.

Don’t get me wrong I love that games have amazing immersive graphics and audio. I have died more than a few times in Battlefield 5 because I was looking at the scenery instead of keeping my head down. I also am glad I am not a game developer charged with the task of keeping an ever more demanding audience engaged. Finding ways of Meeting gamers increasingly higher expectations is something I would not enjoy to say the least.

Current PlayersPeak Today Game
1,019,888 1,078,859   Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
642,435 646,119   Dota 2
177,935 178,569   Grand Theft Auto V
158,749 172,967   Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
153,833 164,907   MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD
145,749 166,768   Football Manager 2020
101,498 104,788   ARK: Survival Evolved
82,997 82,997   Destiny 2
74,274 83,144   Team Fortress 2

If your bored during self isolation let me know what your go to games are during this time. I still owe my son a game so maybe you can inspire me to try something new.

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