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Latest AMD Adrenalin Drivers Seem to Have Resolved Many Black Screen Issues

Many of AMD's community members are reporting that their black screen issues have mostly been resolved.

On Friday I posted the release notes for AMD’s latest driver release, which was AMD Adrenalin driver 20.2.2. Something I was interested in monitoring over the coming days to see if AMD had in fact cleared up some of its long standing driver issues.

AMD’s sub reddit was buzzing Friday morning as everyone downloaded and installed the latest driver. Morale was high as everyone tested out the driver in hopes that their specific issue had in fact been resolved. Early reports where all favorable which was to be expected as many of the issues that had been plaguing AMD GPU’s don’t usually show up until you have been playing your favorite game for a while.

I myself downloaded the latest driver in hopes that it was more stable. I had some black screen issues in the past and had resorted to using the enterprise version of the driver which had cleared up my specific issues. The enterprise version in my case was quite good in fact, I could play BFV for long sessions as well as FF14 all without issue.

I did however have one small weird issue that I could only really notice at night when the house was quiet. That issue was a squealing type sound coming from my GPU while scrolling. At first I thought maybe I needed to cut back on the coffee or shut down and go to bed. I later discovered that I was not alone in my scrolling issue as others where reporting the same sound while scrolling. With all the other issues that were game breaking this was at least a minor annoyance in comparison.

I monitored forums and reddit over the weekend to see how everyone was getting along with the new driver. I found most people had in fact been reporting positively regarding the latest Adrenalin release from AMD, as did I. No longer am I plagued by the squeal of my GPU while scrolling.

Of course not all of the issues have been resolved and there still are those reporting that the latest driver has not resolved their issues. You maybe thinking that its down to user error but with so many people going to the trouble of formatting their drives and reinstalling windows + using DDU and AMD cleanup utility. Its hard to say that its all down to user error. I myself was plagued with black screen issues having no luck with DDU and formatting my drive and reinstalling windows. Even after running my ram at base values and CPU at stock which I always do run my CPU at stock anyways. I am someone who generally values stability over squeezing the last fps out of my hardware.

I do like to tinker however so I do push my hardware when its fresh out of the box for the first time just to see what its capable of. That is quite fun for me but after that I usually go back to a focus on stability for day to day use.

In short, it looks as though AMD is taking a step in the right direction and putting some focus on their drivers. Now lets hope that trend not only continues but increases over the coming months. In many instances however it is a case of to little to late. Many owners of RX 5000 series cards have already returned their cards in favor of team green. Which is a shame because I know many people were hoping this new line up of cards were going to save them from the shady price gouging opportunist that is team green.

Not that I am a fan of either as both are corporations not buddies as it were. neither team is going to come help you move your old couch to the curb for a couple beers. We need team red competitive though so we can all benefit from lower prices and better hardware.

I would also like to add, now that AMD is growing in popularity they should put a strong focus on ease of use. By that I mean people who purchase their products shouldn’t have to resort to third party applications, reformatting or any other ‘trick’ to get their new hardware working free from issue.

All we should have to do is download the latest driver, check the box for clean install and a way we go enjoying our favorite games. To many PC enthusiasts a graphics card purchase is like buying our long lusted over sports car. Its our baby, our pride and joy. Sounds nerdy but its true. I have been buying graphics cards for over 20 years now and that purchase has always put a sparkle in my eye. I don’t want it to be a source of regret, I want to enjoying every aspect of the purchase. I want to go back to the days of staring at a semi transparent piece of plastic with a cool sticker on it. Dreaming of the possibilities it holds.

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