The New Fractal Design Define 7 loses the R but gains even more ease of use for system builders. No matter your taste, this case is versatile enough to cover your needs. Want a rainbow puke machine? Get the Define 7 with a tempered glass side panel and load it up with enough RGB to satisfy your urges. If RGB isn’t your thing, omit the rainbow barf, and you’ve got a case that has a clean, understated look that will fit in anywhere.

If you’re someone who prefers silence over extreme airflow. The Define 7 has your back with its sound dampening panels and included optional solid top panel, the Define 7 can be as quiet as you like it to be.

Alternatively, you can swap out the top panel for an airflow version and put more fans or radiators at the top of the case.

Fractal Design Define 7 Key Features

  • New chassis design opens up to fully expose the case interior
  • Anodized aluminum front panel with reversible dual-handed hinges
  • Multibracket converts unused fan positions to HDD, SSD or pump mounts
  • Impressive cooling capacity with a total of nine 140 mm or 120 mm fan mounting positions
  • Easy-to-clean high airflow nylon filters with full PSU coverage and convenient front access
  • The single 5.25” ODD bay can be converted to an additional 140 mm front fan mount with filtered louver covering
  • Adaptable dual-layout interior design fits large motherboards up to 285 mm E-ATX
  • Support for radiators up to 360 mm in front, 420 mm up top, or 280 mm in the base
  • 6 universal HDD/SSD brackets included with 14 positions total in Storage Layout
  • 2 dedicated SSD brackets included with 4 positions total
  • Versatile Multibracket converts any unused fan position to an HDD, SSD or pump mount
  • Sturdy new HDD cage design with vibration damped trays

Fractal Design Define 7 Specifications

  • 3.5″/2.5″ Universal drive brackets: 6 included, 14 positions total
  • Dedicated 2.5″ drive brackets: 2 trays included, 4 positions total
  • 5.25” drive mounts: 1
  • Expansion slots: 7 + 2
  • Front ports: 1 x USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C, 2 x USB 3.0, 2 x USB 2.0, Audio I/O, Power button, Reset button
  • Total fan mounts: 9 x 120/140 mm
  • Front fan: 3 x 120/140 mm (2 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included)
  • Top fan: 3 x 120/140 mm
  • Rear fan: 1 x 120/140 mm (1 x Dynamic X2 GP-14 included)
  • Bottom fan: 2 x 120/140 mm
  • Dust filters: Top, 2 x front, full length bottom
  • Fixed velcro straps: Yes
  • Cable routing grommets: Yes
  • Captive thumbscrews: HDD brackets, SSD brackets, PSU bracket
  • Left side panel: Industrial sound-damped steel
  • Right side panel: Industrial sound-damped steel


  • Motherboard compatibility: E-ATX (max 285 mm) / ATX / mATX / mITX
  • Power supply type: ATX
  • PSU max length: 250 mm (with HDD cage installed)
  • GPU max length: Storage layout: 315 mm – Open layout: 491 mm (467 mm w/ front fan)
  • CPU cooler max height: 185 mm
  • Front radiator: Up to 360/280 mm
  • Top radiator: Up to 360/420 mm
  • Rear radiator: 120 mm
  • Bottom radiator: Up to 240/280 mm
  • Cable routing space: 30 mm


  • Case dimensions: (LxWxH) 547 x 240 x 475 mm
  • Case dimensions: w/o feet/protrusions/screws 533 x 240 x 451 mm
  • Package dimensions: (LxWxH) 558 x 363 x 641 mm
  • Net weight: 13.49 kg
  • Package weight: 15.98 kg

Cable Management

Cable management in the Define 7 is excellent. It’s something Fractal has been refining over the years, and if you are a system builder like me, you will find this case a dream to build in.

Notice the cable channels in the rear of the case for things like your 24 pin connector and CPU power connector in the image below. Also seen in the image below are the rubber grommets and their placement. You can also see the fan hub under the top lip near the center of the case.

Rear View of define 7, showing cable management options
Image Credit: Fractal Design


Cooling in the Define 7 is overall decent and modular. You can put a focus on more airflow or choose to focus on silence. During my testing of the default layout, my CPU temperatures were on average about 57C over ambient with ambient temperatures being 21C. That is with AIDA64 running for 30 minutes on my test system.

View of the Define 7 front fans
Image Credit: Fractal Design


Cleaning the Fractal Design Define 7 will be simple enough with its included fine mesh nylon dust filters. There are x2 dust filters in the front of the case with easy access. There is one dust filter at the top of the case and a full-length bottom dust filter that pulls out from the front of the case. I don’t have to tell you how nice it is that the bottom dust filter slides in and out from the front of the case as appose to a rear sliding filter.

Image Credit: Fractal Design

Front I/O

The front I/O has a clean and minimalist look and feel while still delivering plenty of ports. Included in the front I/O are two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C port, a mic, and a headphone jack, a reset button, and a power button.

front I/O view of the Fractal Design Define 7
Image Credit: Fractal Design

Water Cooling

Now, of course, with a case like this, there will be plenty of people who choose this case for their next water cooling project. With good reason, this is a case built with water cooling enthusiasts in mind.

The case has room for up to a 420mm radiator, an included multi-use bracket that can you can use to mount your pump, and the top of the case has a cut out for a fill port.

The top of the case has support for a radiator of up to 420mm in length. Meanwhile, the front has room for a radiator up to 360mm. The bottom of the case also has radiator support, supporting radiators up to 2800mm in length.

Image Credit: Fractal Design


The Define 7 comes included with the ability to have up to 6 hard drives with the option to buy support for up to 14 hard drives separately. Some of you will maybe happy to know that this case also has you covered if you like to have a CD/DVD drive. The option is there to have one 5.25″ drive bay should you choose.

Pricing / Availability

At the time of writing this the new Define 7 and Define 7 XL are available here in Canada on New egg.

  • Define 7 non tempered glass: $239.99 CAD or 159.99USD
  • Define 7 tempered glass: $249.99 CAD or 169.00USD
  • Define 7 XL non tempered glass: $289.99 CAD or $199.99 USD
  • Define 7 XL tempered glass: $299.99 CAD or $209.99 USD

Final Thoughts

The Define 7 is a continued refinement of previous generations of the Define series. It commands a premium price that delivers a premium build quality. The plastic covers on the bottom power supply shroud for example are a nice improvement over previous generations. This refinement makes removing the covers much easier should you wish to put a radiator in the front of the case.

The fan hub is also a welcomed refinement. It’s not only functional but well placed for ease of use.

The Fractal Design Define 7 is a nice case to work in. You should have no problem building your next battle station in this (in my opinion) beautifully designed case.


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