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The Modern predatory YouTuber

Preying on the vulnerable for views.

Imagine that we live in a world where likes, subscribes and views are the way to the top. A top where you make millions in ad revenue, all for basically being a predator.

The videos have been going around for years now and they are basically all the same. A nice friendly faced YouTuber, hands a handful of cash to a homeless person to ‘help’ him out. That’s the angle they are using anyways. The reality however is they are preying on the homeless for those all mighty and all powerful likes, views and subscribes.

The homeless have been victimized enough over the years without these guys parading them around like circus monkeys for a few dollars while secretly or not so secretly piling up those likes and views.

If you are someone who only does nice things while the camera is rolling and are simply playing the nice guy for those view counts. I have news for you, you’re not a nice guy. Quite the opposite in fact, more accurately you’re a predator. Someone who actually is nice wouldn’t be posing for the camera while doing their good deed. As for those who are clicking like and leaving comments such as “awe heart emoji, this gives me the feels”, well I don’t even have words for you. You must be living in a different reality than me.

Taking advantage of someone who is at their lowest for your own personal gain and then on top of that broadcasting the whole spectacle for the world to see. How can their not be something wrong with that? It’s horrifying to me that this type of thing is not only accepted but praised. If this is you, I would say you have lost your way. You are morally bankrupt and have sold your soul for what exactly? YouTube Fame?

I am not suggesting for a moment that I believe in heaven or hell but I had a thought that made me chuckle so I will share it. I am picturing the devil in a dark alley with a pad and paper, a pencil and some young friendly faced YouTuber wanna be looking up at him saying that’s right sir, Mr. Devil Sir. I would like to trade my soul for YouTube fame. In my thought the devils grin grows as he slowly pans his gaze towards the camera. On his pad of paper the only thing he has written on it is the word ‘suckers’ in bold print.

The Homeless Predator has a friend

The homeless predator isn’t alone, their is also the guys who visit colleges and film themselves hitting on young unsuspecting college girls. As if their isn’t already a large enough pool of perverts stalking the colleges and universities for easy prey. No, no history isn’t filled with dead or victimized college girls. Ever see the show Forensic Files? Plenty of episodes involving college girls who come to a tragic end at the hand of a college predator.

So now these girls have to worry about what boy will or wont slip something into their drink when they go to the bathroom. They also have to worry is their mom going to see them on YouTube giving their number to some random guy who pulled out a guitar and sang for them outside of class.

YouTuber picking up girls at college

What about those videos where the YouTuber does something completely horrible to a stranger like throwing a whip cream pie in their face or dumping water on them. That type of thing and then when the person is about to get mad they yell, ” its OK, I’m making a YouTube video”. As if that some how makes it OK. I am actually surprised that the news isn’t full of dead YouTubers who tried to prank a stranger. I have been waiting or half way expecting that to be a thing for a while now.

I get it, anything for those likes right? Do we even blame the YouTuber who just wants to make some money without doing any real work. Maybe we should be pointing a finger at YouTube for their reward system. Maybe we blame ourselves, the mindless masses who watch this crap.

Who am I to say or judge I guess, its not like I have any real answers. I just know I cringe every time I see one of those videos creep into my feed. Can we be a society who does our good deeds with the camera turned off or is that a thing of the past?

Charles Leverehttps://www.riverbankwebdesign.ca/
Charles Levere is the editor-in-chief (dork-in-chief) of Urban Dork. When he is not writing or tinkering with hardware, he is most likely playing one of his favorite video games. He also loves being near the water, kayaking, water skiing, or anything that gets him on the water and in the sun.


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