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AMD Releases Radeon Pro W5500 Work Station Graphics Card

High performance stability and power efficiency is the name of the game.

Earlier today, AMD Released their Radeon Pro W5500 Work Station graphics card as well as the W5500m mobile version. These new skus seek to target professional work loads that require high performance, stability and power efficiency.

AMD RDNA architecture, industry-leading 7nm process technology and advanced software features deliver leadership multitasking performance, energy efficiency, and rock-solid stability to power demanding 2D and 3D professional design applications


Key Features

  • High-Performance AMD RDNA Architecture – Features a redesigned geometry engine and compute units, delivering up to 25 percent higher performance-per-clock than the previous-generation Graphics Core Next (GCN) architecture2.
  • Incredible Multitasking Performance – The AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500 graphics carddelivers outstanding multitasking performance even in demanding situations, offering up to 10x better estimated application workflow performance than the competition in the SPECviewperf® 13 benchmark under a multitasking load.3
  • Real-World Power Efficiency – The combination of the power efficient AMD RDNA architecture and Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise’s intelligent power management technology enable the AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500 graphics card to precisely scale to meet the power demands of professional applications. As a result, it consumes up to 32 percent less system power on average in SOLIDWORKS® solid modeling workflows than the competition1.
  • Professional-Grade Software – Radeon™ Pro Software for Enterprise offers performance improvements in each release and is optimized for demanding 24/7 computing environments, with extensive OEM platform and ISV certification testing to deliver the quality professionals demand. The latest driver (20.Q1) achieves up to an estimated 15 percent faster geomean score in the SPECviewperf® 13 benchmark than version 19.Q1 from 20194.
  • AMD Remote Workstation5– Allows professionals to access their physical workstations from virtually anywhere with rich graphics experiences using Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops™ or Microsoft® Remote Desktop.

Designers and engineers require a professional graphics solution that delivers the performance and efficiency to meet today’s unique challenges. Nothing is more stressful than a deadline, and AMD professional graphics keep performing when you need them most,” said Scott Herkelman, corporate vice president and general manager, Radeon Technologies Group at AMD. “The AMD Radeon Pro W5500 graphics card delivers exceptional power efficiency and leadership performance for 2D and 3D design applications, enabling them to better visualize and interact with their designs in real time, explore new immersive workflows like virtual reality and maximize productivity. “



Compute Units TFLOPS (FP32) Maximum Power Consumption GDDR6   Memory Bandwidth Memory Interface Display Outputs (DisplayPort™ 1.4)
AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500   22 Up to 5.35 125W 8GB Up to 224 GB/s 128-bit 4 (drives four 4K displays or one 8K display at 60Hz)
AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500M 22 Up to 4.79 85W 4GB Up to 224 GB/s 128-bit 4

This card is a direct competitor to Nvidia’s P2200 work station card. AMD states that for a similar price the W5500 will deliver up to 50% more performance in certain work loads. The P2200 is a bit dated at this point though as it made its first appearance on Amazon back in October of 2017.

The W5500 Pro should be a better buy over the dated P2200 from Nvidia as it takes advantage of newer technologies such as GDDR6. The Nvidia P2200 was designed before GDDR6, so it uses the older GDDR5 memory and less of it as well. The P2200 only has 5GB of GDDR5 Memory VS AMD’s 8GB of GDDR6 memory.

AMD has yet to release the clock speeds of the W5500 Pro, maybe that is to avoid another blunder like the 5600 XT release?


The AMD Radeon W5500 Pro will be available mid-February 2020, and should retail for $399 USD. The AMD Radeon Pro W5500M GPU is expected to be available in professional mobile workstations beginning in Spring 2020.

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