AMD Announces Threadripper 3990x

Dr. Lisa Su shows off the ‘big guns’ at CES 2020.

By Charles Levere, on January 8, 2020.

AMD Announces Threadripper 3990x

Dr. Lisa Su finished off her CES 2020 keynote with a bang by giving us the scoop on the Threadripper 3990x. She was smiling and joking saying she would need three screens to show us the performance numbers.

Threadripper 3990x performance chart

Threadripper 3990x Performance

The first performance test showed was AMD’s Threadripper 3990x pitted against dual Intel Zeon Platnum 8280’s in a V-ray render test.

Threadripper 3990x V-ray render test

The Threadripper 3990x finished the render about 30 minutes faster than the dual Zeon setup from Intel. After the test was complete Dr. Lisa Su made a joke about how The 3990x was faster and might just be slightly cheaper than the competition.


The Threadripper 3990x will have 64 cores and 128 threads. It will boost up to 4.3GHz and have a base clock of 2.9GHz. The 3990x will have 288mb of total cache and The TDP is said to be 280w so it shouldn’t be to hard to keep temperatures tamed.

Pricing and Availability

How much is the worlds first 64-core monster going to set you back? Why $3990 of course. The 3990x will be available starting February 7th 2020 and retail for $3990. It’s a hefty price tag but when you consider the amount of work this thing is capable of and what has been available from the competition in the past as well as what the competition has been charging for much less horse power and suddenly the $3990x seems like a bargain.

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