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AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su Delivers Keynote at CES 2020

AMD doing their thing at CES 2020.

The CEO of AMD, Dr. Lisa Su delivered her Keynote speech for the second straight year moments ago at CES 2020.

She started off the evening with a look back at AMD’s disruptive year of 2019.

AMD products

2019 was one of AMD’s best years in quite some time, they released some great processors and a couple nice graphics cards as well; one of which I am in the middle of testing as we speak. One great highlight of the year for AMD was the performance gains by the new Ryzen Threadripper.

AMD disrupting the market

Dr. Lisa Su introduced us to the newest in mobile processors, the Ryzen 4000 series.

Power Efficient
Performance of Ryzen 7 4800U
Creators unleashed

After Dr. Lisa Su went over the performance numbers and specifications of the new Ryzen 4000 Series mobile processors she introduced Laura Smith. Laura Smith is the Senior Director of Radeon Technologies Group. Laura gave us the latest in AMD FreeSync, RDNA and introduced us to the newest member of the RX Series, the RX 5600 XT.

Senior Director of Radeon Technologies Group, Laura Smith
AMD FreeSync
Radeon RDNA
AMD Radeon RX 5600 XT
RX 5600 XT Pricing

The Keynote ended with Dr. Lisa Su back on stage to introduce us to the new Ryzen Threadripper 3990x, the 64 core monster. This thing is going to crush its way through any work load that can handle its 64 cores.

You could really tell Dr. Lisa Su was despite her appearing to have a cold, just thoroughly enjoying her moment of sticking it to the blue team. As always she did so with class and character. Its a shame that those events are always so stuffy and boring. They should let a couple AMD fan boys in the audience to wake the place up with some cheering and chanting when she introduces a new product.

Dr Lisa Su with the new Threadripper 3990x Processor
Threadripper 3990x specifications

There were some rumors floating around that AMD would be giving us a sneak peak at the new Ryzen 4000 Series desktop processors but that didn’t happen. I guess we will have to wait for that. I was almost positive the way Laura Smith was building up at one point that she was going to give us a look at a new higher end graphics card, one that would be above the 5700 xt in the stack but that was also not to be.

Rumors and false hope aside, this years keynote was another strong showing from AMD. A trend I hope continues for a long time to come. We really needed the competition in this space.

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