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AMD Launches 7nm EPYC Rome line up of processors

Epic Gets a 7nm Makeover.

Dr. Lisa Su announced moments ago at a press conference their new stack of EPIC processors. If these processors deliver on the big performance numbers she was stating at the press event team blue is in for a tough time.

With a core count of 64 with 128 threads the most I/O at 128 lanes of PCIE 4.0. Dr. Lisa Su stated that Rome is the new standard for data centers.

2nd Gen AMD EPYC

She showed a slide that boasted nearly double the performance of its closest competitor (Intel’s Xeon processors) Shown Below.

EPYC Rome Performance slide

Dr. Lisa Su went on to say that their processors also have nearly double the performance of Intel’s Cascade Lake as seen in slide below.

EPYC performance slide

She showed a slide of the full line up of EPYC processors.

EPYC Processor line up

The price to performance charts were very interesting and something I am sure team blue will be having nightmares about.

AMD EPYC 7282 Price comparison

EPYC Rome 7282 Pricing

AMD EPYC 7452 Price comparison

EPIC Rome 7452 Pricing

AMD EPYC 7742 Price comparison

EPYC Rome 7742 pricing

AMD EPYC Performance Leadership

EPYC Rome performance leadership chart

Dr. Lisa Su had a few guests on stage such as Twitters senior engineer Jen Frasier, but the last one was likely the most interesting and that was Google’s Bart Sano. He talked about his partnership with AMD and the use of EPYC Rome in their data centers. Which they have already been working on putting into use. Su mentioned that Google has already been using EPYC Rome and that they were the first to use the new line up of processors.

Dr. Lisa Su and Google's Bart Sano.
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