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Computex 2019 PC Case Round Up

Computex 2019 PC Case Round Up

Computex 2019 PC case round up is here. A list of some of the coolest new cases coming to market this year.

Thermaltake Cases

The picture below is of Thermaltake’s distro plate case. The case is currently in the prototype phase and being showed off at Computex. They are looking for feed back to see if they need to make any changes before bringing it to market.

Thermal Distro Plate
Thermaltake level 20 HT
Thermaltake Level 20 HT

Cougar Dark Raider

The Cougar Dark Raider is a cool looking case with a modular design. The branding on the front is a bit in your face but its cool if you like that type of thing. The 17 year old me would have loved this type of in your face branding. The case overall is very cool with a modular front panel giving you the option to make your build your own.

Cougar Dark Raider Case

NZXT H Series Refresh

The NZXT H Series gets some fine tuning and upgrades to its lineup without changing the price point. A couple of the many changes is the tempered glass side panel no longer being held in place by thumb screws. They made this change to decrease pressure on the glass which could cause it to break. One of the other changes is the USB ports have all been upgraded to USB 3.2 and the addition of a USB Type C port. This should be an interesting option for those liking the H series’ angular lines and refined look.

Computex 2019 PC Case Round Up: NZXT H 10 Series

Cooler Master ITX Case

Cooler Master has an interesting Mini ITX case at Computex this year. It’s one of the few ITX cases at the show and it could be a hit with those looking to make a small form factor build. It features a 200mm RGB fan and a mesh front panel.

Cooler Master H100 Mini ITX Case

Computex 2019 PC Case Round Up: Phanteks P400A Case

The Phanteks P400A case coming later this year will be available in black or white with RGB and non RGB options. The cheaper non RGB case however will only be available in black. The front of the case features a fine mesh panel for maximum airflow. The cheaper model will have 2 fans one at the front and one at the rear of the case. The more expensive model will feature 3 RGB fans at the front of the case.

Computex 2019 PC Case Round Up: Phanteks P400A Case

In Win Cloth Case

In Win is demoing early samples of a PC case made of cloth and plastic that should be priced in the $45USD range. So if you have always wanted your PC case to match your laundry hamper In Win has you covered. 🙂

In Win Cloth PC Case

The Computex 2019 PC case round up has shown us that there are some pretty cool cases coming our way in the near future. There is a few on this list that I look forward to building in when they come out.

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