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MSI Reveals Two Motherboards Ahead Of Computex

Earlier today on MSI’s Insider live stream, they revealed two new motherboards ahead of Computex, which is next week in Taipei. On todays stream they showed of the MSI Gaming Plus and the MSI ACE MEG.

MSI Gaming Plus

MSI Gaming plus ahead of Computex

The gaming Plus model they stated on the live stream is a more budget friendly model. They also talked about the fan on the chipset stating it was influenced by their GPU cooling technology. Making use of their fan designs and Zero Frozr technology. Eric & Pieter didn’t give much detail about how it would work. Only to say that it would operate similar to their GPUs which don’t engage the fans until the GPU hits 60 degrees.

MSI Gaming plus chipset fan


MSI Ace Meg ahead of Computex

The MSI Ace Meg will be one of their more high-end motherboards. It has two 8 pin plugs for the CPU. The MSI ACE MEG also has a heat pipe that connects the chipset to the VRM and includes 3 m.2 slots. It also features two lan ports, a 2.5GB lan along with a 1GB lan. Also on top of the 2 lan ports it will also feature Wifi 6. Wifi 6 will be a game changer in the world of wireless internet.

MSI Ace Meg IO

We will know more about these motherboards and a lot more next week at Computex Taipei. Want more MSI sneak peaks? You can visit their Insider page here.

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