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Linux Gaming on Pop!_OS

Gaming on Linux is as tasty as snap crackle pop, On Pop!_OS.

Gaming on Linux is getting easier and better. Today we look at Linux Gaming on Pop!_OS. Valve is a big part of why Linux gaming is better than ever. Valves efforts to make gaming better on their Steam OS is pushing gaming forward for everyone who wants to game on Linux.

I have tried some of my favorite games over the last little while. Using the Steam app along with Proton on my new favorite distro. With great success minus Elite Dangerous, I was unable to get it running at all despite many hours of tinkering. Some of the games I tried that did work well were, The Witcher 3, Warframe, The Elder Scrolls, War Thunder, Ark, No Mans Sky, Divinity Original Sin, and Path Of Exile. I also tried the Division 2 without success. Games that use easy Anti cheat will most likely not work, due to Easy Anti cheats compatibility with Linux. I have read that Steam is working on this issue, so hopefully one day in the near future games that use Easy Anti cheat will work.


Pop!_OS is a great option for Linux gaming as it comes with the appropriate drivers for your graphics card out of the box. So you don’t have to worry about getting your graphics card up and running for gaming. Simply choose what graphics card you have during the Pop!_OS download process. It also has steam in the Pop Shop (app store). So with one click you are ready to start gaming! Have a look at my review of Pop!_OS from System76.

I am looking forward to the continued growth of gaming on Linux. I long for a day when there is no reason to dual boot or feel you are sacrificing the ability to play AAA games, in order to stay clear of Windows. Check out Pop!_OS for yourself (Pop!_OS from System76).

Charles Levere
Charles Levere is the editor-in-chief (dork-in-chief) of Urban Dork. When he is not writing, or tinkering with hardware, he is most likely playing one of his favorite video games. He also loves being near the water, kayaking, water skiing or anything that gets him on the water and in the sun.


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