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Ryzen5 2600x 6 Month review

Looking at the Ryzen 2600x after using it for 6 Months.

I purchased my Ryzen5 2600x roughly 6 months ago at the time of writing this review and it has been my work horse and play horse in that time. I can say I am more than pleased with its performance. It handles my daily work tasks with ease and allows me to play all the latest titles. Everything is smooth as butter. I had been experiencing lots of micro stutters in games with my old quad core cpu.

All that extra horse power with the bonus of a more up to date platform, so now I have better wifi, USB type C and DDR4 memory. Check my review of the Gigabyte B450 AOROUS PRO WIFI for a full list of test system specs.


While I was jotting down notes I had a pros and cons list on my note pad, the pros list had gotten pretty long with things like 6 cores 12 threads 4.2 boost clock with improved xfr over first gen Ryzen but no cons. The only con I could come up with is overclocking head room. It could be seen as a pro or a con really as you could say that AMD was able to max out there CPU for you. I did tinker with overclocking as its something I like to do. I like to tinker in general, tech, cars anything I can mess around with. I didn’t have much success with overclocking but I also didn’t really feel the need. The advertised boost clock is 4.2Ghz but mine often went higher while monitoring it I saw it go as high as 4.3ghz.

Final Thoughts on the Ryzen5 2600x

All in all this is a great CPU and I am very happy with my purchase. If you can’t wait for the new Ryzen CPU line up this one is worth your consideration especially lately with it being on sale all the time now.

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